Sorteen Offers Superior Customer Service  

The quality of the relationship that business owners have with their customers is the foundation cementing long-term partnerships. Customers will keep coming back to do business with a company when they are satisfied with the treatment they receive, especially when they run into issues that require swift resolutions.

Not all businesses, however, have the same level of commitment or approach to customer service. Sorteen knows the importance of good customer service and even add some perks.

At Sorteen, customer service is not “just another department; it’s an attitude, and we are all proud to serve our customers and exceed their expectations in all aspects,” the company says in its website at

Leading with customer service

Let’s see how Sorteen stacks up against other order fulfillment services in the area of customer satisfaction. In comparison with Rakuten Super Logistics, Easyship, Shipmonk, we chose Sorteen because of its breadth of service.

Here is a look at what each order fulfillment company offers.

Rakuten Super Logistics customer service:

  • United States-based service
  • In-house representatives based in the East and West Coast
  • In-house warehouse liaisons
  • Dedicated client success teams
  • Partnership managers who work with clients to help them become more efficient and save them money
  • Newsletter providing update on latest e-Commerce news and announcements

Easyship customer service:

  • Informing customers about shipment tracking pages and emails
  • Customizing packing slips for a personal touch
  • Website articles that provide instructions ranging from setting up an account to troubleshooting, creating your first shipment to uploading product details
  • Information on courier comparison including rates and the different types of services
  • Guides on how to deal with tech issues

 Shipmonk customer service:

  • Assignment of a Happiness Engineer who will be there whenever you need them.
  • 99.99% order accuracy rate
  • Absorbing 100% of costs to pick and reship order when the company makes a mistake
  • Access to pricing and billing information so clients will know all their costs

Sorteen customer service:

  • Dedicated team to handle issues, troubleshoot, and come up with suitable solutions.
  • A toll-free number customers can call to reach service representatives. Customers can also connect via email or by submitting a ticket requesting help.
  • An extensive knowledge base that answers most frequently asked questions.
  • A newsletter with the latest news and company announcements.
  • Flexible service plans and no long-term commitment.
  • Transparency in billing. No hidden fees.
  • Free 2-week trial period to ensure clients are satisfied that our services meet their needs.
  • Warehouse facilities throughout the country. Products are strategically placed within this network of warehouses to maximize both efficiency and savings.


Based on the customer service, Sorteen is our choice for business owners who need order fulfillment services. It has all the bases covered so any business can feel comfortable and get the service that keeps customers coming back.

“Our customers come first in whatever we do. Our company philosophy is established on a desire to help businesses succeed and thrive.” the company points out on its website at

“From the people we hire, the philosophies that propel us and the way we carry ourselves, all demonstrate our commitment to our customers. We take great pride in our customer service and how efficiently we help our customers each day.


By Jan Womack
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