What Steps To Follow To Set Up A Hedgehog Cage? 

Hedgehogs are adorable, beautiful pets and are relatively low-maintenance. Many people don’t know how to raise them properly, including buying an appropriately sized cage and setting it right. It is one of the most significant decisions as the place where they live can affect their physical and mental health. Pet owners can have a happy and healthy hedgehog by perfectly setting up good hedgehog cages. This article discusses all steps in creating the ideal hedgehog habitat.

Read the Instructions

When buying a commercial hedgehog cage, owners must read the instructions. Every cage has instructions set so individuals know how to set them up. Reading instructions will ensure that they are doing everything correctly.

Setting up the Cage

After reading the instructions, follow them to set up the cage. Usually, these instructions include connecting walls to provide the pet with a safe and enclosed environment.

Place the Cage

Once the pet owners are done with setting up the good hedgehog cages, they must figure out the ideal location for their pets. It’s recommended to place the cage in a safe and quiet location. Now that hedgehogs are prey animals, they get stressed quickly. Moreover, placing the hedgehog’s cage away from open ventilation is better not to irritate the pet’s sensitive respiratory system.

Add Bedding and Substrate

After choosing and placing the cage at an ideal location, the next step is adding inserts. Pet owners need to add bedding and substrate. One of the most popular beddings is made from fleece because it’s easy to clean, absorbent, and reusable. After placing substrate, one can add cuddle beds or tiny houses to make the cage more comfortable and cozier.

Add Food and Water Accessories

Hedgehogs need to have constant access to food and water. Food dishes are often in bowl form. Pet owners must place heavy bowls to prevent hedgehogs from knocking their food everywhere. And for water, they can use a water bottle or, most preferably, a heavy water bowl.

Setting Up a Litter Box

Pet owners can train hedgehogs like cats to do their business inside a litter box. Always remember to place the litter box in the opposite direction from the food station to prevent food contamination.

Add Toys, Hideouts, and Exercise Items

The last step for setting up good hedgehog cages is adding toys, hideouts, and exercise items. It’s better to provide hiding areas so hedgehogs can hide whenever they are scared or tired. Snuggle bags made from fleece are one of the best choices. Since hedgehogs are playful pets, owners can place toys and exercise items.


Setting up the hedgehog’s cage is easy, but picking the right pet cage is critical. Following these steps will make it easier for pet owners to set up hedgehog cages and provide them with an ideal habitat. Also, clean the cage regularly using hot water, vinegar, and antibacterial soap. If using reusable fleece liners, use a suitable detergent to wash them.

By James Pritchett
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