Why you shouldn’t chase losses when playing online pokies?

Online pokies provide plenty of entertainment and excitement with their flashy graphics, bonus features, and potential for big wins. They also lead to financial losses if you are unwise with your bankroll management. When faced with losses, some players make the mistake of trying to chase those lost funds by spending more money. Chasing losses tends to lead to even bigger losses over time.

The main reason not to chase losses on online slots is that it often results in even larger losses. When a player is already in the red from losing spins, putting more money into the game and trying to win it back is throwing good money after bad. The odds and house advantage remain against you, so you’re likely to dig yourself into a deeper hole.

No guarantee you’ll win it back

The next pitfall of chasing losses is that there is no guarantee you’ll win back what you lost. Online slots rely heavily on chance and randomness, so just because you lost big earlier doesn’t mean you’re due to win later. The spins are independent events, so previous outcomes have no bearing on future results. Your chances of winning or losing are the same on each spin. There’s no predicting when you might hit a hot streak or go cold again. That makes chasing losses a risky gamble, since the game doesn’t compensate for your previous defeats.

Trying to play catch up after losses not only costs you money, it also takes an emotional toll. The longer you chase pokie losses, the more desperate, angry, and stressed you will become. Obsessing over lost money leads to poor decisions driven by emotion rather than logic. This cycle spirals into serious problems like depression and addiction. The financial stress of piling up losses may also affect relationships and other parts of your life. It’s healthier to step back when you get emotional after losses.

Better money management helps avoid chasing

The best way to avoid chasing losses is to practice good bankroll management from the start. Set a strict loss limit for each session to avoid getting in too deep. Split your bankroll into smaller betting units to minimize losses on each spin. Taking breaks also helps reset emotionally if you find yourself tempted to chase. Don’t consider previous losses as the benchmark. Make each online pokies session independent to avoid trying to recoup past defeats.

Have realistic expectations

Having realistic expectations when playing online slots, as exaggerating potential wins fuels the urge to chase. Understand that slots have a high house edge, so more spins than not will lose in the long run. Hitting jackpots is extremely rare. Expect to lose your bankroll as the most likely outcome. This realistic perspective makes it easier to walk away down rather than get sucked into loss-chasing based on unlikely dreams of striking it rich. Focus on entertainment value rather than financial returns. Maintain strict betting limits, take breaks when needed, and keep expectations realistic about the odds.

By Clare Louise
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