Basic Playground Must-Haves

There can be many playgrounds around you, public or commercial; however, not all playgrounds are ideal for serving the community. Various playgrounds have downsides that you may not even notice, like:

  • No grass
  • No maintenance
  • Lack of Appropriate Playground Furniture
  • Lack of Safety Measure
  • Lack of Emergency First Aid
  • Lack of Dustbins or distance in play place and dustbins

Here are some features of an ideal playground:


Dustbins are the most underrated feature of an ideal playground, yet they are integral for moral draught and hygiene training. The space must be placed near the play area so that children don’t have to travel a long distance to throw wrappers or other waste material.

Convenience caused by nearby dustbin increases throwing things in the dustbin instead of outside on the playground.


Playground equipment and furniture are exposed to direct sunlight and Harsh weather circumstances that may cause wear and tear. Playground furniture and equipment should be monitored at least weekly or monthly to ensure children’s safety, as metal pieces can break while they are playing and can cause injuries.

Some essential maintenance of playground furniture and its equipment includes painting the damaged areas and replacing rusted parts with new ones.

3-First Aid

Commercial playgrounds open have first aid kits available and people who specialize in providing first aid in emergencies. Public playgrounds may lack an emergency first aid team; however, they must at all costs have a first aid kit that is accessible for the public in case of any emergency.

4-Playground Furniture

The requirement of playground furniture is dependent on the area of the playground and the number of people expected to visit it. There should be debentures for parents who come with their children to sit while their children play.

Playground equipment must be of top-notch quality to avoid any unfortunate situations. Maintenance of playground furniture is integral for their long life. The checking team must ensure playground furniture maintenance and inspection to minimize the risk of any breakage or rusting.


The grass may seem like an aesthetic feature of the playground; however, it allows safety and decreases impact if falling. When children play in gardens, they are likely to fall, and if they fall on their ground, it results in wounds and injuries. The grass may not be as effective as any foam material, but it is a natural barrier between the person falling and the ground and decreases the intensity of injuries.

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By Marcus Williams
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