Everything You Need To Know About Third Vaccine Booster Shot

To date, the UK has been conducting a rapid antigen test for travel to ensure citizens of their safety and protection from the COVID-19 threat. Aside from that, the continuous effort to have people fully vaccinated is primarily supported by the country. Yet here is another news because England’s National Health Service (NHS) announced its plans to offer a third vaccine, also known as booster shots, as part of its standard operating procedures in vaccine treatment for COVID-19.

Because vaccines lose effectiveness over time, booster shots are necessary to increase immunity against COVID-19 (delta variant.)

What are COVID-19 booster shots?

COVID-19 booster shots are simply another COVID-19 vaccination designed to increase immunity and decrease the risk of developing a disease, and this is good news to UK citizens, especially those who travel often and present their fit to fly COVID test to be allowed to conduct their official businesses.

Who can receive a COVID-19 booster?

People who are most at risk of COVID-19 who have been previously fully vaccinated and those that have received their second dose of mRNA vaccine–Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna–are expected to be the receivers of the booster shot. The following is a list to help you understand:

  • Social and frontline workers in health and social services
  • Age 50 and over
  • Care home residents and workers
  • Teens 16 years and older with underlying conditions or comorbidities
  • Carers 16 years and older
  • Persons aged 16 or over who have a weak immune system and are susceptible to infections quickly will get them.
  • Women who are pregnant

The National Health Service (NHS) will inform all fully vaccinated people when they receive their booster shot. For the booster, it is suggest that people book an appointment through a local NHS, vaccination centre, or pharmacy. Booster appointments can also be made by frontline health care and social workers.

What side effects can the COVID-19 booster shots cause?

Side effects of the COVID-19 boost are similar to those of the COVID-19 vaccinations in the UK.

  • Heavy feeling in the arm area where the booster shot was injected tends to last for 1-2 days.
  • Mild flu-like symptoms
  • Drowsiness

Anyone who experiences any of these side effects should rest. Paracetamol is recommended to relieve any discomfort or pain.

Check out this infographic by Harley Medic International to learn more about the third vaccine booster shot.

By James Pritchett
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