GATE 2022 Result and Response Sheet 

GATE 2022 results are available at the, the official website of IIT Kharagpur. It will be beneficial if candidates check the IIT KGP official website on a daily basis for the most recent information. To obtain a copy of the GATE 2022 scorecard, go to the official website at the The candidates must keep a copy of their GATE exam result 2022, and without it, they will not be able to attend the job interview. To know more about the GATE 2022 results, read this article. 

Details Mentioned on GATE Result 

  • Name of the applicant
  • GATE examination paper and code
  • GATE 2022 registration number
  • Score out of 1000
  • Marks obtained out of 100
  • GATE 2022 qualifying marks
  • All India Rank (AIR) in particular discipline

GATE Results Analysis 

One of the most important parts of the GATE exam is result analysis. Every year, between 6 and 8 lakh students take the GATE exam. Despite the large number of students who appear each year, the passing rate is rather low. Despite the low qualifying percentage, the top students in each subject receive good grades. For example, in GATE 2021, civil engineering received the highest score of 95.56 out of 100, while statistics received the lowest score of 51.67 out of 100. 

Students can use GATE result analysis from prior years to better understand the difficulty level of each subject’s papers. Read more on GATE result here. 

GATE Response Sheet 

The GATE response sheet lets the candidate assess their performance. Candidates can use the GATE response sheet 2022 to estimate their possible results because it comprises all of the answers recorded by applicants in the exam. The official website of the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur has posted the GATE 2022 response sheet. Through the GOAPS portal, candidates can simply check the GATE response sheet 2022. 

The GATE 2022 response sheet is already available in the application portal and will be distributed on February 15, 2022. GATE 2022 answer keys are currently available in the application portal, and they were issued on February 21, 2022. The response key for the GATE 2022 exam is available on the official website for candidates who took the exam. To know more about the GATE response sheet, visit here. 

GATE Response Sheet 2022 – Information Mentioned 

The GATE 2022 candidate response sheet contains the applicant’s answers or responses to the exam. Along with the responses, the sheet contains the following vital information: 

  • Candidate name 
  • Candidate ID 
  • Test centre name 
  • Subject/paper 
  • Questions along with the options 
  • Test date 
  • Question ID 
  • Chosen option 
  • Status of the question: Answered or unanswered 

Calculating Scores Using the Answer Key and GATE Response Sheet 

Using the answer key and the GATE response sheet, applicants can assess their possible scores. By referring to the conventional marking scheme, GATE candidates can compare the correct answer and responses they entered and examine their scores. 

Total marks for correct attempts – Negative marks for incorrect attempts

MCQ Marks: 1 mark (Total marks) + 2 marks (Total marks) 

  • 1 mark (Total marks) = 1 x right answers – 1/3 x incorrect answers 
  • 2 marks (Total marks) = 2 x correct answers – 2/3 x incorrect answers 

NAT Marks: 1 mark (Total marks) + 2 marks (Total marks) 


By Jan Womack
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