Get Familiar with The Variety of Traffic Control Signs and Equipment in Ontario

Traffic control signs are designed to create a safe environment on the roads for vehicles and pedestrians. They are available in different colors and shapes intended to offer direction to drivers, identify laws, or display crucial information. You can take help from Capital Traffic control experts from CTMS to choose the correct traffic management equipment or sign for your project in Ontario.

Common traffic control signs 

Regulatory signs

You will find regulatory signs in red & white or black & white. It depicts the road rules defined in the MVA {Motor Vehicle Act}. The information like how fast to drive or when to stop is communicated through regulatory signs.

Warning signs

The signs in yellow with black text are warning signs driving your attention to potentially dangerous conditions adjacent to or on the roadway. It is used for things ranging from avalanche warnings to school zones around Ontario. 

Guide signs

Drivers are given information like distances to close-by town, directions, and route numbers with signs in green with white-colored text. They even offer emergency service info or direction to nearby transportation. 

Information signs

General text about cultural or geographical info and points of interest is provided in the information signs. Drivers get to know the best places for stopping to enjoy stunning scenery on the way or rest.

Service signs

Just like information signs the service signs are blue-colored with white text. It shares information like where to find lodging, gas, and food in Ontario.

Construction signs

Construction signs not just alert ongoing work on the roads but also alert drivers about upcoming construction zones. The signs are fluorescent orange in color with black details. It tells the vehicle drivers to slow down. The traffic management equipment used are –

  • Barricades – Self-standing panels help to direct foot traffic or vehicles across the construction zones.
  • Traffic paddles – It is a handheld, paddle-shaped sign used by flaggers or traffic police to direct the traffic patterns and prevent crashes or accidents.
  • Crash attenuators – These devices absorb colliding vehicles’ impact. Thus reducing the extent of damage to vehicles, drives, and structures involved during a collision. 
  • Drums, delineators, and cones – These are available in a variety of sizes and placed at the construction zones to warn road users about the hazards.
  • Message and arrow boards – These signs can be visible from a distance, thus drivers gain sufficient warning about an upcoming change in the normal traffic patterns.

If you are looking for a traffic management firm then make sure to do proper research before hiring!

By Jan Womack
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