How to Send Legitimate Text Messaging Using 10DLC Approval


Mobile messaging has become possible because of technological innovation. People used to communicate with each other via traditional means of messaging, which is slow and often inconvenient.

In addition, prior to the emergence and popularity of smartphones and tablets, digital forms of communication were only made possible by bulky personal computers. But now, individuals can compose and send messages with just a few clicks on their handheld devices.

Even in the corporate world, mobile messaging has become an essential part of reaching clients. Businesses can improve their marketing efforts and notify their customers about important information with this communication channel.

Before, Person-to-Person or P2P text messaging has been widely used by companies for this process. However, it comes with complexities and expensive costs, and it could not support the increasing population of consumers.

This is why many have switched to automated forms of mobile messaging, as it is more efficient than sending text messages manually to individual consumers. Application to Person (A2P) messaging allows companies to perform mass messaging without the hassles and huge expenses.

Currently, many companies are adopting the 10DLC or 10-Digit Long Code to supplement A2P messaging. As the name implies, 10DLC is a standard phone number with 10-digits. It was introduced to support high-volume text messaging while being cost-effective.

Companies that are joining the 10DLC need to follow the standards and necessary processes for registration in this program. Furthermore, if the firm is part of the regulated industry, it will also need to comply with SMS archiving regulations.

Archiving text messages securely and efficiently helps businesses in case of legal issues. It also allows them to catch policy violators in the company. For example, financial institutions need to adhere to financial regulation text message archiving to prevent fraudulent transactions and employee misconduct from transpiring.

For more information, check this infographic provided by TeleMessage that discusses the process of sending legitimate text messages through the 10DLC approval.



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