Outdoor playgrounds – Benefits

Do you know outdoor playtime is the main component of the development of a child? Playgrounds are a great area to learn and entertainment for kids. Outdoor playgrounds are said to help children’s physical and mental development, as well as enhance the well-being of your community in  different ways. Children’s stress levels and attention power can be greatly improved by playing outside in the fresh air. That is why, most schools must have recess time and games class, which is a certain time set aside for children to play outside under the blue sky. It is very interesting to know that different playground equipment and games are created to promote child development. You can completely trust Inspire Play outdoor playgrounds for all the equipment of the playground. To know the significant benefits of outdoor playgrounds, you can keep on reading.

  • Do you know swings help in developing motor skills in children? They are the most common equipment found in the playground, and they are perfect for developing balance and motor skills in children when they grip the chain of the swing which helps in gripping the pencil. And the child also needs to pump his or her legs to stay up in the air. This is also helpful to develop motor skills. 
  • Some playgrounds have some equipment that makes the children climb up. This helps the children to be aware of the position of their own bodies to climb up to the top. 
  • All the playgrounds have free space, where children can play according to their tastes and likings. This makes them think about some innovative games and play them by themselves. It helps in developing the imagination power of a child. Free space also gives them space to run and jump which keeps them healthy physically. 


In a world full of digitalization, children are missing the essence of playing under the blue sky in the fresh air. Screen time has increased drastically, and they tend to become lazy and do not go outside for playing. Doctors advise playing outside rather than spending time playing games or watching cartoons on the screens. Playing outside leads to the overall development of a child. So, if you take the responsibility of installing some interesting equipment on the outdoor playground, it will attract many children to play outside and help them develop mentally and physically.  

By Julie Luevano
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