Pros and Cons of Moving to Arlington

Arlington is one of the most fantastic parts of America, with a long overarching history, an incredible amount of jobs: and some of the worst traffic in the country.  Whether you’re considering moving for work or to get your kids a better educational system: these are all of the top pros and cons to consider before your move!

Pro: Awesome Schools

If there’s one thing, Arlington has tons of awesome schools.  From fantastic elementary, middle, and high schools to some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the nation, you’ll get to live near so many awesome chances at a great education.  This is fantastic for anyone with kids or for anyone wanting to go back to school and start their life fresh.

Con: Expensive Cost of Living

Arlington, since it’s so close to D.C., is one of the most expensive cities to live in.  Not only is housing expensive, but everything from healthcare to entertainment and even food are more expensive here.  If you’re on a set income as an online worker, or you’re not sure if you’ll be able to find work quickly when you move: Arlington can be a risky relocation to take on.

Pro: Fantastic Housing Market

The housing market is great if you already own a home here.  Once you buy Arlington real estate, you can watch as your investment continues to grow over time.  This is awesome for anyone who’s trying to set up future wealth for themselves or their kids or who’s trying hard to create a nest egg for retirement.  

Unfortunately, it does mean that you’ll have to deal with the reality of how expensive housing is in Arlington to buy a property, but it’s worth it in the long term.

Con: Terrible Traffic and Drivers

Washington D.C. and its surrounding cities have been rated some of the most undrivable areas for over ten years.  Not only are the roads and gridlock a pain, but there are more wrecks and accidents because of reckless or speedy driving when it isn’t necessary.  If you can, consider swapping to public transit while you live here.  This move will let you save money while also ensuring your safety.

Pro: Great Jobs and Pay

The pay in Arlington is higher than the national average!  This makes expensive Arlington real estate that much more tempting and ensures that nearly anyone can secure an awesome home once they’re able to secure the right job.  This higher pay is boosted above the national average for almost all careers and jobs, which makes every part of the expensive D.C. lifestyle that much more affordable.  

If you’re unsure about moving out and securing a job immediately, try to save up at least three months of expenses before you go.  This will allow you to make a great financial decision. 

Every Move Comes With Highs and Lows

Whether you’re moving to Arlington from across the country or just within the same state: it’s important to take the time to consider every side of the move.  Let these pros and cons help you make a choice!

By Jan Womack
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