Trending Burgundy Hair Colour Shades to Try Right Now

Burgundy is a deep reddish-purple shade that is ideal for a lady who wishes to create a statement or anyone who wants a slight change, and because of its versatility, there is a wide range of styles to choose from.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and have a vibrant haircut, embrace sparkling burgundy hair colour go for an updated combination of this popular colour and plum tones.

Balayage and burgundy brown hair are stunning for individuals who want a much more muted and low-maintenance look.

It also looks well with a variety of hairstyles and textures, including curly, straight, and long or short hair. Nothing prevents you from analysing this fantastic hue, whether at home or at the salon, since it flatters everyone.

Choosing a deeper shade of burgundy and adding it to too much darker hair might result in a modest but appealing façade. This burgundy colour is a rich blend of crimson and purple hues that looks particularly well on persons with pink, ebony, and olive skin tones.


  1. Hair Dye in Deep Burgundy: This is one of the darkest burgundy hues available. With a rich red wine undertone, this red hair colour is polished and beautiful but edgy. If you have long, lush hair, keep it velvety smooth. Simply groomed hair is the best way to bring out the refined tones in this burgundy hair colour. Burgundy is a striking hair colour for an impressive hairdo. Dark burgundy hair colour brings an even more elegant touch forward. The rich burgundy hair colour may not be appropriate for more conservative contexts. However, the beautiful cherry and crimson undertones suggest it at least as a summer vacation hair colour. Keep in mind that you may be tempted to keep it indefinitely.
  1. Purple and Burgundy Hair Colour Highlights: Burgundy is a hue that is a combination of dark red and purple, but if you want to go for a style that incorporates purple tones, this is another fantastic choice. Purple has long been a favourite for hair because it is so vibrant and eye-catching, but it is also a colour linked with riches, magic, mystery, and status. Additionally, this captivating burgundy violet tint has deep burgundy hair—a luxurious and sophisticated hue of burgundy that is certain to make an impression. Enhance your individual style with a vibrant hair colour that will attract attention everywhere you go.
  1. Burgundy Accents in Black Hair Colour Highlights: Burgundy and black hair is an excellent choice if you like having dark locks and experimenting with colour. Burgundy looks more subtle and natural when matched with darker hair since it blends in better.
  1. Brown With Burgundy Hair Colour Highlights: Brown hair with burgundy highlights is a less terrible way to wear this reddish colour. Dark hair tones work very well with this tone since they produce a much more subtle and less dramatic façade. This makes it much easier to power.
  1. Faded Burgundy Colour Highlights: Burgundy, on the whole, flatters significantly darker hair tones. However, this does not exclude those with lighter hair from wearing this lovely colour, and for a really ferocious appearance, you may opt for a soft finish. The considerably slower colour takes less maintenance and looks better on lighter skin tones.
  1. Highlights of burgundy and golden on black hair: Whether you’re not sure if burgundy is your colour but want to test it out, toying with numerous colours at once is the best way to proceed. Check out the expert balayage that adds depth to naturally dark hair with burgundy, blonde highlights and lowlights. These colours not only give depth to black hair, but they also lighten it.
  1. Elegant Burgundy Ombre Hair: The fading violet burgundy hair colour creates yet another classy style. I like how quickly my hair colour transitioned from dark ash brown to coarse ash. It happens so quickly that it nearly feels normal. Style it with loose retro curls to make the most of this hair colour.
  1. Burgundy Hair with Layers: A layered haircut has the added benefit of enhancing your hair colour’s brilliance. Layers are utilised to brighten up hair colours and provide volume and generate an easy-to-style structure. Take a look at how the layered burgundy hair glows with all of the varied colours buried in this polished hair colour.
  1. Brown Burgundy Hair colour: We hope this shows that burgundy hair looks just as fabulous on brunettes as natural blondes or redheads. This burgundy brown shade may be attained by hair colouring. However, the effects are much more significant if your natural hair colour is brown. Another gentle burgundy shade, this time precisely matched to the girl’s natural hair colour and brown eyes. Her hair’s beautiful burgundy tint additionally enhances her complexion. Due to the fact that burgundy is still a vibrant hue, it is advisable to keep makeup and hairstyling to a minimal.
  1. Hair in Shades of Black and Burgundy: In contrast to the last example, which had black and burgundy hair, this time, the burgundy colour shimmers with violet tones rather than reddish ones. Despite this, the blend is still very delicious and highly recommended. Discover your shadow and use it to inspire others. A dark burgundy ombre accentuated with burgundy accents at least two shades lighter than the base colour. Take note of the shift between the various burgundy colours. The closest one near the roots is almost as black as the ombre’s base. The colours then progressively brighten to a near-cherry tint at the ends.
  1. Chocolate Brown Burgundy Hair Colour: Burgundy undertones accentuate the chocolate hair colour. Perfect hair colour for highlighting pristine white complexion and rich blue or green eyes. Take note of the bright burgundy hues around the face. This deep burgundy shade was created with an ion hair dye. This is a burgundy colour that looks best on brunettes and brown-haired females. It’s a delicate blend of plum red and chocolate brown or brown hair. Give it a try for an exquisite and enticing appearance.

Concluding The list, Let Us Know The Best Things About Burgundy Hair Colour

Burgundy is a colour that complements a variety of hair textures and kinds, including curly hair. When it comes to curl colouring, the goal is to highlight them, which this colour may do. In addition, it’s a reddish-purple shade that looks particularly spectacular when used with naturally dark hair. Having said that, this hue comes in a variety of shades, some chilly and others warmer, so you may choose the one that best compliments your skin. There are several methods to integrate it into your hair, including highlights, two tones, or an ombre appearance.


Burgundy hair is just as appealing on natural brunettes and blondes as it is on long-term redheads. This vibrant red hair colour has a range of undertones that are more enticing than the next. Therefore, consider wearing burgundy hair if you want to refresh your hair colour and infuse it with a slight hint of red wine. Our selection of burgundy hair colour options can serve as an excellent starting point. We hope you’re able to locate what you’re searching for. Even more so when you realise that there is a burgundy hair hue for everyone, have fun selecting!

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