What To Know Outdoor Spa Shelters

There isn’t much difference between a pool enclosure and a spa enclosure, other than size. A two-person spa will not require a vast enclosure. On the other hand, if you want a custom-made shelter, its price can significantly exceed the cost of purchasing your Jacuzzi.

Why Place Your Spa Under A Shelter?

The purpose of a shelter is, above all, to protect your spa from lousy weather but also the sun when you enjoy your hot tub outside. But it is not an essential element. In the case of an inflatable portable spa, you can take it home for the wrong season.

The light spa enclosure concerns above-ground spas for protection from the sun: parasol, open enclosure. The enclosure in a fixed structure concerns instead buried or above-ground spas with a durable fixed vocation.

The Two Types Of Spa Enclosures

Open spa enclosures: these are the most economical version and the easiest to install. This can range from a simple parasol, specific for a spa or not, to the most sophisticated shelter with an electric falling roof. With these types of shelters, you are protected from the sun and rain, not the cold.

Closed spa shelters are generally shelters with an aluminum frame and glass walls or synthetic glass such as polycarbonate. The openings are sliding, which makes it possible to open in summer.

Lighting Around The Spa

The lighting concern should not be focused only on the inside of the spa. Outdoor lighting is also significant aesthetic care. But there is no question of dazzling bathers, only of highlighting the spa.

To achieve this type of lighting, you have several types of lights available:

  • The yellow light spots will be preferred to illuminate the vegetation around the spa.
  • Instead, the allogeneic spots of white light will be arranged to illuminate a wall, a roof (in the case of a shelter) to give an atmosphere.
  • Spotlights close to the ground will delimit a path and create privacy without dazzling as long as they are not reflected in trees.
  • High spotlights (in trees) with a light directed downwards will facilitate circulation if your spa is a little isolated in the garden.

In Conclusion

The price of a spa or spa sanitizers enclosure can vary depending on the type of construction, fixed, closed, or mobile. Know exactly what your needs are before you make up your mind.

By Jan Womack
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