The Importance Of Travel Backpacks

Suppose you plan a backpacking trip that is an authentic adventure and looks to prepare and organize your backpack. You have come to the right place! There are many quality backpacks with different capacities, shapes, and features, but what matters is that they fit your needs.

Backpacks Accessories

The different compartments and accessories of a backpack can make your trip much easier. You will open and close its hundreds of times a day, looking for things, putting others away. The backpack will become an appendage of your body, and finding things quickly and efficiently is essential. Therefore, it must have at least the following compartments so that it is comfortable:

Cargo space with independent pockets: The backpack’s interior must have a separation that makes it easier for us to organize things and load the backpack. That is, to have two large spaces with two independent entrances, one for each compartment.

Front or side access: Yes, friend, and access that goes along the entire backpack, either in the front or on the side, will save you a lot of time and effort when looking for your belongings. These zippers that allow you to open the backpacks as suitcases and access what is at the bottom are essential for a good backpack for our trip.

Capacity mushroom: The mushroom is the piece that covers the upper access to the backpack, the lid, so you understand me. A good mushroom that has capacity but adapts well to the shape of the backpack is beneficial. It will allow you to store valuable things from day to day (flashlight, phone charger, a long-sleeved shirt). There are even some that can be disassembled and serve as a fanny pack, or as a smaller backpack, or to which you can turn it over and use it from the front, something useful too, for example, look at a map without having to hold it all the time.

Exterior pockets: These pockets are very comfortable since they allow you to have those objects at hand, such as a water bottle, and to be able to take it without having to open the backpack. But be careful, that storing many things in them can make the load unbalance and make you suffer more on the way.

Pole holder: They are two small hooks located on the front of the backpack, where you can leave the poles when you do not need them on the road.

Sleeping bag or mat straps: These are buckles that you can usually find at the bottom of the backpack, and in them, you can hook mats, a sleeping bag, or even a tent, something essential if you plan to camp.

Outer straps: Compression straps are a must. They allow you to squeeze the load when the backpack is half empty to bring it closer to your back and prevent everything from moving inside.

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