5 Reasons to Celebrate Your Birthday on a Boat in Barcelona

5 Reasons to Celebrate Your Birthday on a Boat in Barcelona

Spending time on the water is always enjoyable and unforgettable, as many people rarely have the opportunity to relax on yachts or catamarans. By spending a few hours surrounded by water, you will unwind and create lasting memories. A sea cruise can follow a planned route or simply explore the open waters. This offers a completely different view of Barcelona and allows you to capture many interesting photos.

Comfortable Conditions

While a standard outdoor celebration might come with its share of inconveniences, a boat party provides everything you need, along with additional services. Choose an appropriate boat in Barcelona based on the number of guests. Typically, basic services are included, such as a banquet hall and sometimes a kitchen for food preparation. For an excellent celebration, you can invite a DJ. In one place, you will have a host, buffet, and other entertainment, all at a reasonable price and of high quality.

Affordable Cost

If you thought that renting a boat for a birthday party was only for wealthy people, you’re mistaken. In fact, yacht rental companies have long been competing and offering various options. You can rent a small yacht for 5-10 people or a full-size catamaran for a journey. The prices are quite satisfactory, especially when compared to renting a restaurant for the event, with little difference in overall cost.

Payment is made hourly, and prices can be found, for example, on the Barcelona Boat Rental website. Note that there are regular and VIP class boats, so be sure to clarify this with the rental company.

Themed Celebrations

If you want to surprise your guests to the fullest and make the celebration truly unforgettable, you can order the organization of a themed party. A big advantage of this option is that it can be suitable for any age group, with themes such as:

  • Children’s theme. You can try to remember your childhood and organize an immersion into your younger years. Friends can dress as children and style their hair accordingly.
  • Pirate party. A role-playing game where guests dress as pirates and sailors. Pirates take over the ship, and the other half (sailors) must defend it.
  • Ball.
  • Stylish retro party.

The Entire Boat at Your Disposal

The boat trip will be organized exclusively for you and your close guests. Unlike in restaurants, strangers won’t enter and disturb your celebration. On the yacht, you can use all the services provided, but be sure to check in advance with the yacht company about the specifics.

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